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Interim VP of Sales
Allows your company to have the expertise of a vice president of sales with his team of experienced professionals without the expense of hiring a full-time executive and sales staff.  

Copywriting Websites & Promotional Materials
Words! Words motivate people to action. Understanding the psychology of what causes people to action is the single most important factor in your website and promotional materials. Our team of expert copywriters and graphic designers bring years of copywriting and graphics to you.

Public Relations Campaigns
The power of the media is still KING. Consumers have become jaded to advertising. Development of ongoing Power PR campaigns and media kit design used for high impact third party media and consumer coverage will make a big difference in your success. Press releases professionally written, SEO’d and distributed through all the major online distribution channels.

Start-up Strategic Planning
Put together your strategic plan and your build strategy using the expertise of a 25 year veteran who has consulted with hundreds of network marketing, direct selling companies.

Compensation Plan from Sales and Distributor Perspective
Help and support for your compensation plan development from an experienced top distributor who has built and developed large networks.

Awards, Incentives, and Recognition
AIR, to the field is more important than the air they breathe. Proper incentives and recognition of distributors is a vital part of a good corporate growth strategy.

Effective Founder and Leadership Recruiting Systems
Founder campaigns targeted specifically at attracting the kind of distributors and leaders you are looking for, and knowing where to find them.

 Distributor Recruiting and Training
Custom strategies designed to recruit and train new and experienced distributors.

 Recruiting Your First 500 Distributors
Strategies and tactics for bringing on your early distributors during pre-launch.

 Launch Events
Pre-launch events, founder events, leadership events and the strategies and philosophies necessary to attract people to these special events.

Customer Gathering Programs
Design and implement of proven systems and tools to attract customers that can be happy users of your product or be converted into distributors. The customer is king!